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Testing Tesla Model Y compatibility with Slap Pass

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The most common question we receive about our Slap Pass magnets is whether your car model is compatible, so we decided to run a demonstration with a Tesla Model Y.

Steel car panels are magnetic, aluminum and plastic are not

Many modern day exterior car panels are no longer made of steel. Auto manufacturers have replaced steel with aluminum or plastic panels to save on cost and increase fuel efficiency. In order to ensure that your Slap Pass magnet will stick to your car, you can run a simple test using only a simple fridge magnet.

How to test if your car panels are make of steel

First take any household magnet and be sure to clean the magnetic side so as to not scratch your car. You can also wrap the magnet in a thin cloth to protect your car.

Next, go to each panel on your car and see which panels are in fact magnetic. You will notice a strong connection if the panel is compatible that will adhere to the car's surface. To comply with CA DMV guidance, check the front driver side, rear driver side, rear passenger side, and trunk.

In the case of the Tesla Model Y the front driver side panel, rear driver side panel, rear passenger side panel and trunk are compatible. The Tesla Model 3 has the same configuration and is also compatible.

Don't want to test your car?

We have tested several Electric Vehicle models and can help you out. Shoot us a note at and we would be happy to provide you with information on whether or not your car is compatible with SlapPass.

Don't hesitate, purchase your Slap Pass magnets and drive in the HOV lane today!

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