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SnapPlate Removable Front License Plate Mounts

Just like we'd prefer to not permanently attach HOV stickers, we'd also rather not use the factory adhesive front license plate mount on our Tesla and the guys at SnapPlate have a great solution for that!

SnapPlate removable front license plate mounts install and completely remove in seconds with the flip of a switch. The clean, minimal design blends perfectly with the Tesla front end when it’s installed and leaves no unsightly hardware behind when it’s removed. They've even made the plate mount height adjustable with high, center, and low mounting positions. In our opinion, it's the best looking option available!

We also like that SnapPlates are designed, printed, and assembled in California by Tesla owners and fans and they do it with energy from Tesla Solar and Powerwalls. It's thoughtful, responsible, and shows that they're committed to doing their part to reduce their environmental footprint. Check out their site at where they have options for every Tesla Model!

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